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It has  been called the world's best all-around workout. It is currently the fastest-growing sport on the planet.  Our MMA class  incorporates the elements of our Jiu Jitsu and Kick Boxing classes, and teaches you to be prepared wherever the fighting goes - on the feet or on the mat.
Dana White, president of the UFC, has famously explained MMA's popularity this way :  “If you take four street corners, and on one they are playing baseball, on another they are playing basketball and on the other, street hockey,” says White. “On the fourth corner, a fight breaks out. Where does the crowd go? They all go to the fight.” 
Mixed Martial Arts is perhaps the most realistic sanctioned hand-to-hand combat sport in the world, and millions are seeking to train for realistic self-defense purposes. Training mma will benefit you in many ways:
*Learn to defend yourself. There is no substitute for live resistance training, which we do every training session.
*Get an intense workout that will push you to your limit and beyond.
*Constantly train new moves and drills - training in MMA never gets old, as it is one of the most varied sports on the planet and the technical aspects to training are endless.
*Be part of a winning team! 
We have many who train to fight in the cage, and many who train recreationally. Whatever your reason, you will find the highest caliber training and a great learning environment at Full Throttle Fitness. 
Any questions call Kelly or Trish Leo at 678-896-7846, or email fullthrottleoakwood@gmail.com - We look  forward to seeing you when you are ready to go FULL THROTTLE!
Here is a video of Full Throttle Fitness fighter Jesse Wable defending his title at Wild Bill's (Jesse won via a modified power guillotine choke in the 2nd round ):
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Wild Bills Fight Night - Joey Ward vs Jesse Wable (Title Fight) Round 2
Round 2 of the Title Fight.

Full Throttle MMA Fighters Photo Gallery:
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