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Full Throttle Fitness - Muay Thai in Gainesville, GA North Georgia Kick Boxing
Learn to become a human weapon.   
    We focus on Muay Thai as our main style of striking, as its wide arsenal of strikes incorporates more means of offense than other striking systems. In addition to the punches and kicks of western kickboxing,  Muay Thai places emphasis on knees and elbows. Hence, it is often referred to as the"art of eight limbs". Muay Thai has proven to be the most effective form of striking in MMA (mixed martial arts) bouts as well, in part due to the devastating strikes from the clinch.
    Our Muay Thai classes typically consist of warm-up, drilling, pad work, and live sparring. Whether you are serious about fighting or you just want to learn to defend yourself, this  program is  for you! World champion kick boxer Kelly Leo brings his years of  martial arts experience to the table -  and will help you learn the fundamentals (if you are new) or fine-tune your game (if you are advanced).  
    We also have  a women's kick boxing class available , led by world champion kick boxer Trish Leo!
Click here for a class schedule and come check us out! Call Kelly or Trish Leo with any questions - (678) 896-7846.
Check out this kickboxing photo gallery featuring Full Throttle coaches and fighters:
Technique Tips w/ Kelly Leo - K1 kick boxing veteran/ Full Throttle Fitness head coach Kelly Leo shows some of the techniques that brought him success in the ring - these are the same kind of techniques you will learn in person at Full Throttle Fitness.
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"The Long Jab" Technique Talk w/ Kelly Leo (Kick Boxing Techniques)
"The Long Jab" Technique Talk w/ Kelly Leo (Kick Boxing Techniques) - Former K1 Heavyweight Kelly Leo talks to us about some of the techniques he has found success with and continues to pass on to his...
Full Throttle Fitness is North Georgia' / Gainesville area's premier mixed martial arts school/ combat fitness training facility.
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